American Surgical Association
ASA Council
E. Christopher Ellison, MD
Robin S. McLeod, MD
Vice President
Ernest E. Moore, Jr., MD
Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD
B. Mark Evers, MD
Jeffrey A. Drebin, MD, PhD
James S. Economou, MD, PhD
Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
Ronald V. Maier, MD

The object of this Association shall be the cultivation and improvement of the science and art of surgery, the elevation of the standards of the medical profession and such other matters as may come legitimately within its sphere.

- ASA Bylaws
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Recent ASA Council Actions

The Council of the Association met on Saturday, January 13, 2018, in Seattle, Washington, and again on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, in Phoenix, and via conference call on August 7, 2017. The following are action and informational items from these meetings:

  • Voted to professionally video-record the annual Presidential Address.

  • Supported an initiative to recognize those who have felt disrespected, harassed, excluded, or discriminated against in the surgical community—as well as to demonstrate the Association's present and future commitment to inclusivity and respect for all—through the wearing of black ribbons at the 2018 Annual Banquet.

  • Established a Social Media Task Force, which will recommend whether and how the ASA should establish a social media presence.

  • Permitted the Annals of Surgery and its Creative Director, in addition to the more standard tweeting of presentation details, to tweet live visual abstracts of Annual Meeting presentations, with the authors' permission.

  • Voted to provide an educational grant in support of the Association of Women Surgeons' Negotiation Course on the Sunday morning of the 2018 ACS Congress.

  • Voted to hold the 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Agreed that the Annual Meeting abstract review process should be revamped, potentially to include the addition of specialty subcommittees.

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