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Flance-Karl Award

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Flance-Karl Award Recipients

The Flance-Karl Award was established in 1996 by Samuel A. Wells, Jr., M.D., who was then President of the Association. The primary endowment for the award was a gift from Mr. David Farrell, Chief Executive Officer of the May Corporation, and the Barnes-Jewish-Christian Health Care System, both of St. Louis, Missouri. The award recognized I. Jerome Flance, M.D., and Michael M. Karl, M.D., two physicians in St. Louis, who cared for Mr. Farrell and his family. The Flance-Karl Award is presented to a surgeon in the United States of America who has made a seminal contribution in basic laboratory research which has application to clinical surgery. The recipient should be active in clinical or laboratory research and preferably is less than 60 years of age. Prior recipients of the Associationís Medallion for Scientific Achievement are not eligible for the Flance-Karl Award.

2022 Yuman Fong, MD
Duarte, California
2021 Shaf Keshavjee, MD
Toronto, Ontario
2020 No Recipient
2019 Elliot L. Chaikof, M.D., Ph.D., FACS
Boston, MA
2018 John C. Alverdy, M.D.
Chicago, Illinois
2017 Lee M. Ellis, M.D.
Houston, Texas
2016 Ronald G. Tompkins, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
2015 R. Daniel Beauchamp, M.D.
Nashville, Tennessee
2014 Christian Larsen, M.D.
Atlanta, Georgia
2013 James S. Economou, M.D., PhD
Los Angeles, California
2012 Jeffrey A. Norton, M.D.
Stanford, California
2011 Michael T. Longaker, M.D.
Stanford, California
2010 B. Mark Evers, M.D.
Lexington, Kentucky
2009 Joseph P. Vacanti, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
2008 Timothy R. Billiar, M.D.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2007 Ronald V. Maier, M.D.
Seattle, Washington
2006 David N. Herndon, M.D.
Galveston, Texas
2005 Alexander W. Clowes, M.D.
Seattle, Washington
2004 Patricia K. Donahoe, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
2003 Stephen F. Lowry, M.D.
New Brunswick, New Jersey
2002 Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D.
Bethesda, Maryland
2001 Bernard Fisher, M.D.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2000 Francis D. Moore, Sr., M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
1999 Norman E. Shumway, M.D.
Stanford, California
1998 M. Judah Folkman, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
1997 Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D.
Waterbury, Connecticut
Jonathan E. Rhoads, M.D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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