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Over its 13-decade history, the Association has benefited from the wisdom of its presidents and their annual Addresses to the membership. Three such Addresses clearly led to major events in surgery during the last century. President Edward William Archibald’s Address in 1935 was quickly spearheaded by Dr. Evarts Graham of St. Louis and a committee to form the American Board of Surgery within a year. This was a remarkable achievement, not only for its concept but also for the fact that the American Surgical Association had never done anything similar in the past. Dr. Owen H. Wangensteen’s 1969 Address led to the extensive SOSSUS project, undertaken jointly with the American College of Surgeons. Four years later Dr. Jonathan E. Rhoads discussed surgical scholarship which led to the formation of the American Surgical Association Foundation. Since 1982, the Foundation has provided Surgical Fellowships to dozens of promising young surgeon scientists, many of whom have risen in their surgical sub specialty ranks and become Chairs of their respective Departments of Surgery. View previous recipients. The Foundation is directed by an elected Board of Trusteed which has oversight for the review and selection of Foundation Fellowship recipients and all aspects of fundraising including an annual campaign and planned giving opportunities.

Trustees of the ASA Foundation

Trustee, Term: Apr 06, 2024
Chair, Term: Apr 06, 2024

Keith D. Lillemoe, MD

Vice Chair, Term: Apr 06, 2024
Trustee, Term: Apr 26, 2025

Ronald V. Maier, MD

Secretary, Term: Apr 22, 2023
Mary T. Hawn, MD

Treasurer, Term: Apr 22, 2023
Kelly M. McMasters, M.D.,Ph.D.

Trustee, Term: Apr 25, 2026
E. Christopher Ellison, MD

Trustee, Term: Apr 22, 2023
Robin S. McLeod, MD

Trustee, Term: Apr 30, 2027
Selwyn M. Vickers, MD

Trustee-at-Large, Term: Apr 06, 2024
Andrew M. Cameron, MD, PhD

Trustee-at-Large, Term: Apr 22, 2023
Ernest E. Moore, M.D.

Trustee-at-Large, Term: Apr 26, 2025
Sandra L. Wong, MD

Ex-officio, Term: Apr 22, 2023
Diana L. Farmer, MD

Planned Giving Information
For more than 120 years, the American Surgical Association has been in the forefront of medical education and research and in 1974, the ASA Foundation was created to serve as the philanthropic arm of the American Surgical Association and to assist the Association in its research and education mission. The Planned Giving Program will enhance the Foundation's capability to meet that endowment need.

Online Donations
To donate to the ASA Foundation, please download the ASA Foundation Donor Form. ASA Members may donate online by first logging into the Members Only Area.

Contributors to the American Surgical Association Foundation
The American Surgical Association Foundation is very grateful to the hundreds of contributors who have generously supported the Foundation and its Research Fellowship Awards Program. ASA Members may donate via the Members Only Area; non-members may donate via the public donation page. For additional information, please contact:

Jon Blackstone
Executive Director
(978) 927-8330
Fax: (978) 524-0461
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