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2023 Membership Cycle

Candidate applications for the 2023 membership cycle may no longer be initiated. New to the 2023 Membership Cycle: Each application now requires six sponsors; the membership candidate, when submitting their portion of the online application, must enter the names of three additional Fellows who will serve as sponsors and submit letters of recommendation. All sponsors' recommendation letters must be uploaded by March 31, 2022, in order for that membership candidate's name to be read at the 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

After the initial presentation of all candidate names with completed applications in April, 2022:

  • Each candidate's name will be circulated to the entire membership in mid- to late-Spring 2022 so that ASA Fellows from a candidate's region and specialty may comment on them;

  • The Advisory Membership Committee will review and discuss every candidate in October 2022 at the ACS Clinical Congress;

  • At the January 2023 Council Meeting, the Advisory Membership Committee will make its recommendations regarding who should be included on the 2023 ballot, with the Council setting the final ballot;

  • All Primary Sponsors are then notified whether their candidates made the final ballot, so that those who were not selected may reapply anew for the 2024 membership cycle; and

  • The final 2023 ballot will be presented for vote at the Annual Business Meeting in Toronto, Canada, in April 2023.

Please note that the timeline from completion of application to election at the 2023 Annual Meeting is at minimum 13 months long.  

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