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James S. Economou, M.D., Ph.D.

Keith D. Lillemoe, M.D.

Vice President
Mark A. Malangoni, M.D.

Ronald J. Weigel, M.D., Ph.D.

B. Mark Evers, M.D.

Steven C. Stain, M.D.

L. D. Britt, M.D., M.P.H.
Layton F. Rikkers, M.D.
Anna M. Ledgerwood, M.D.

The object of this Association shall be the cultivation and improvement of the science and art of surgery, the elevation of the standards of the medical profession and such other matters as may come legitimately within its sphere.
- ASA Bylaws

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Summer 2015


The 135th ASA Annual Meeting was held at The Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Diego, California with 503 physicians and 57 spouses and guests in attendance. Thirty-two (32) outstanding papers were presented during the Scientific Sessions of the 2015 Meeting.

During the Opening Ceremony, three new Honorary Fellows were introduced: Dr. Jiahong Dong of Beijing, China; Professor Ronan O’Connell of Dublin, Ireland; and Dr. John Francis Thompson of Sydney, Australia. These three new members were greeted with a warm welcome by the ASA meeting audience.

The Medallion for Scientific Achievement was awarded to Dr. Timothy R. Billiar of the Presbyterian University Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Medallion for Scientific Achievement is given periodically to a surgeon who has served his field with unusual distinction. The Medallion for the Advancement of Surgical Care was awarded to Dr. W. Hardy Hendren from Boston, Massachusetts. The Medallion for the Advancement of Surgical Care recognizes seminal contributions in clinical surgery or surgical education that truly established new benchmarks or paradigms. These medallions represent the highest awards bestowed by the Association.

In addition, Dr. John E. Connolly delivered a memoir of Dr. James V. Maloney, Jr., President of the Association in 1980, who passed away in August of 2014, and Dr. David S. Mulder delivered a memoir of Dr. Lloyd D. MacLean, President of the Association in 1992, who passed away in January of 2015.

A highlight of Thursday's program was Dr. Anna Ledgerwood's Presidential Address, "What Happened to Surgical Leadership?". Programming on Friday featured the enlightening Forum Discussion, "Development of Surgical Scientists", moderated by Dr. Ledgerwood, which included presentations from Drs. Ronald J. Weigel, Gilbert Upchurch, Timothy Eberlein and Charles Lucas.

At the Executive Session on Friday, the Flance-Karl Award was presented to Dr. R. Daniel Beauchamp of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The Flance-Karl Award is given to recognize outstanding basic science contributions by surgeons who have reached maturity to the degree that they have had an important impact on clinical practice.

In addition, update reports were given by ASAF Fellowship recipients, Dr. Bao-Ngoc H. Nguyen of George Washington University, Dr. Kimberly J. Riehle of the University of Washington, and Dr. Joseph J. Skitzki of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The Foundation also named three new Fellowship recipients in 2015: Dr. Todd W. Costantini of the University of California, San Diego, for his proposal entitled, "A Human-Specific Mechanism Gauging Neuroinflammation and Its Implications for Vagal Nerve Therapeutics"; Dr. Paige Porrett of the University of Pennsylvania for her proposal entitled, "Genesis and Regulation of Pregnancy-Induced Anti-Fetal T Cell Memory"; and Dr. Brian R. Untch of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for his proposal entitled, "Adaptive and Acquired Resistance Mechanisms to the Therapeutic Targeting of HRAS in Thyroid Cancer".

135th Annual Meeting Photo Highlights

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American Surgical Association 136th Annual Meeting, April 14-16, 2016, Swissôtel Chicago

American Surgical Association 136th Annual Meeting
April 14-16, 2016
Swissôtel Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


2015 ASA Council
2015 ASA Council ( l to r): Timothy J. Eberlein, MD; Steven C. Stain, MD; Ronald J. Weigel, MD; James S. Economou, MD; Anna M. Ledgerwood, MD; John M. Daly, MD; Layton F. Rikkers, MD; Russell G. Postier, MD

The Council of the Association met on Saturday, January 17, 2015, in Dearborn, Michigan, on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, in San Diego, California, and via conference call on August 11, 2014. The following are action and informational items from these meetings:

  • Reaffirmed adherence to the Association's attendance requirement, as stated in the ASA's By-Laws: "Fellowship shall be terminated in the event that an Active Fellow is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without submitting adequate excuse to the Secretary, in writing." Furthermore, Council recommended that Fellows should not wait until the third year to fulfill the attendance requirement should an unexpected issue arise in that third year, and that members requesting an excused absence in year three should provide the reasons for missing the prior two meetings as well.

  • Expressed opposition to the anesthesia community's Perioperative Surgical Home proposal, whereby anesthesiologists would take ownership of perioperative care of the surgical patient.

  • Agreed that, while the ASA can attempt to avoid future overlaps between its Annual Meeting and other national meetings, it cannot guarantee that such conflicts can be avoided, given that the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, the American Burn Association, SAGES, and Surgical Education Week all take place within the same spring timeframe.

  • Commenced planning for the 2015 French Academy of Surgery Exchange, with three French surgeons attending the ACS Clinical Congress in Chicago and then being hosted by the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and one other institution. In 2016, the ASA will select three of its Fellows via a competitive process to be hosted in France.

  • Tasked the Program Committee with identifying the Invited Discussant for each abstract, rather than the abstract co-authors themselves.

  • Voted to induct three new Honorary Fellows into the Association, who were introduced yesterday morning along.

  • Supported the proposal of an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for New Department Chairs, which would provide mentorship to new chairs regarding the development of their academic and clinical programs utilizing the knowledge and expertise of the membership of the ASA.

  • Agreed to continue its sponsorship of the ASA Women in Surgery Breakfast held on the Friday morning of the Annual Meeting, which, since its inception, has developed into a mentoring/networking session.

  • Voted to hold the 2018 Annual Meeting from April 19th – 21st in Scottsdale, Arizona, and to enter into negotiations with two potential venues there.

  • Concurred that the ASA should express its willingness to participate in discussions with the ABS regarding the restructuring of surgical training.


Jay L. Ankeney, Chagrin Falls, OH
Robert E. Condon, Clyde Hill, WA
Richard E. Edlich, Brush Prairie, WA
William S. Fletcher, Portland, OR
Robert L. Goodale, Jr., Minneapolis, MN
Anthony L. Imbembo, Cockeysville, MD
Adib D. Jatene, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gerard A. Kaiser, Miami, FL
Henry L. Laws, Clanton, AL
John B. Lynch, Nashville, TN
Robert A. Macbeth, Toronto, ON, Canada
Lloyd D. MacLean, Verdun, QC, Canada
James V. Maloney, Jr., Los Angeles, CA
N. T. McPhedran, Calgary, AB, Canada
William W. Pfaff, Gainesville, FL
Peter Randall, Gwynedd, PA
Raymond C. Read, Little Rock, AR
Thomas R. Russell, San Francisco, CA
Keiji Sano, Tokyo, Japan
Erwin R. Thal, Dallas, TX
Colin G. Thomas, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Stephen L. Wangensteen, Rembert, SC


Support the future of surgery

The American Surgical Association has fostered advancement in surgical procedures for over 130 years. Research and education programs are paramount to maintaining and even accelerating these advances in the years ahead.

Over thirty years ago the ASA established the American Surgical Association Foundation to serve as the ASA's fund raising arm and, more importantly, ensure that our research award programs would have the financial wherewithal to support new and exciting initiatives that would lead to further advancements. Thanks to the generous support of the ASA members, the Foundation has built an impressive record of accomplishment and has accelerated its levels of research since its founding.

Since 1982, the Foundation has awarded 52 Research Fellowships to truly gifted surgeon-scientists. Many of these recipients have been elected to ASA membership. All have received peer-reviewed funding. Their academic and professional accomplishments have been impressive. Our return on investment in these surgeon-scientists has been significant.

The Foundation Board of Trustees asks you to consider two ways in which you can play an important role in the future of surgery. First, support the Foundation through a donation now. Second, consider a planned gift to the ASA Foundation, if not now then in the future. A wide variety of planned giving opportunities exist that will allow you to make a very substantial donation to the ASA Foundation with little or no impact on your disposable income.

The Foundation is now accepting credit card contributions through a secure system via the Members Only Area. Donations may also be made by downloading the ASA Foundation Donor Form.

Contact the ASA Administrative office at 978-927-8330 or visit the ASA website today for additional information.

ASA Foundation Award Recipients

2016-2018 Recipients to be announced this fall!

2015 – 2017
Todd W. Costantini, University of California San Diego
Paige Porrett, University of Pennsylvania
Brian R. Untch, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

2014 – 2016
Dr. Daniel S. Eiferman, Ohio State University
Dr. Karin M. Hardiman, University of Michigan
Dr. Shirling Tsai, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Other Past Recipients

ASA NEW MEMBERS, elected April 2015

Shahab A. Akhter
Carl L. Backer
Faisal Bakaeen
Carlton C. Barnett, Jr.
Michael Belkin
Walter L. Biffl
Christopher K. Breuer
William E. Carson, III
Mike Chen
Charles Cook
Brian J. Czerniecki
Alan Dardik
Daniel J. Deziel
Elijah Dixon
Mark K. Eskandari
Samir M. Fakhry
Lorenzo E. Ferri
Samuel R.G. Finlayson
Jason B. Fleming
T. Clark Gamblin
Peter J. Gruber
Paul D. Hansen
Andrea Hayes-Jordan
Ronda S. Henry-Tillman
Steven N. Hochwald
Kenji Inaba
Jeffrey Phillip Jacobs
Lillian S. Kao
Tatsuo Kawai
Rosemary F. Kelly
John A. Kern
Heung B. Kim
Hong Jin Kim
Daniel Kreisel
Jeffrey H. Lawson
Lawrence Scott Levin
D. Scott Lind
Joseph E. Losee
Julie A. Margenthaler
James W. Marsh
Carmelo A. Milano
Kresimira (Mira) Milas
Rebecca M. Minter
Jon S. Odorico
Philip S.K. Paty
Lee L.Q. Pu
Thomas Read
Feza H. Remzi
Raul J. Rosenthal
Luis A. Sanchez
Shawn D. St. Peter
Jeffrey Upperman
Charles M. Vollmer, Jr.
Matthew Walsh
Richard Whyte

2017 ASA Proposal for Membership

The 2017 membership is open and new candidate applications may be initiated by current ASA Active and Senior Fellows in the Members Only Area. Each candidate's electronic membership application must be completed and submitted online by March 1, 2016. All support letters must be uploaded by a candidate's sponsors and up to three additional Fellows by March 31, 2016, in order for the applicant's name to be read at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

After the initial reading of all candidate names in April, 2016:

  • Each candidate's name will be circulated to the entire membership in mid- to late-Spring 2016 so that ASA Fellows from a candidate's region and specialty may comment on him/her;

  • The Advisory Membership Committee will review and discuss every candidate in October 2016 at the ACS Clinical Congress;

  • At the January 2017 Council Meeting, the Advisory Membership Committee will make its recommendations regarding who should be included on the 2017 ballot, with the Council setting the final ballot;

  • All Primary Sponsors are then notified whether their candidates made the final ballot, so that those who were not selected may reapply anew for the 2018 membership cycle; and

  • The final 2017 ballot will be presented for vote at the Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, in April 2017.

Please note that the timeline from completion of application to election at the Annual Meeting is at minimum 13 months long.

It was not that long ago when American medicine was dominated by white male physicians. Now women represent approximately 51% of all medical students and 40-45% of residents in many surgical training programs. There is also increasing diversity of resident trainees in race and ethnicity. This in turn will have a positive impact on academic faculties of medicine, and in particular, surgery. The Council of the American Surgical Association feels strongly that our membership should reflect and support these changes. ASA Members are strongly encouraged to seek out members in their department who either are women or belong to other underrepresented groups and propose them for Membership. We particularly would like to admit to Membership those who will be our future leaders in American surgery.


Annals of Surgery The Annals of Surgery is the official publication of the papers presented at the Scientific Sessions of the Annual Meeting of the American Surgical Association. Through a cooperative arrangement with the publisher of the Annals, members of the ASA are entitled to a 20% member discount on the annual subscription to the Annals.

ASA U.S. Members: $341*
ASA Canadian & Mexican Members: $490*
ASA International Members: $515*

* Inclusive of shipping charges; for additional information on the ASA member 20% discount, please log into the Member's Only Area.