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ASA Council
Robin S. McLeod, MD
Selwyn M. Vickers, MD
Vice President
Karen E. Deveney, MD
Mary T. Hawn, MD
B. Mark Evers, MD
Jeffrey A. Drebin, M.D., Ph.D.
E. Christopher Ellison, MD
Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
Ronald V. Maier, MD

The object of this Association shall be the cultivation and improvement of the science and art of surgery, the elevation of the standards of the medical profession and such other matters as may come legitimately within its sphere.

- ASA Bylaws

The 139th ASA Annual Meeting was held at the Fairmont Dallas, Dallas, Texas with 571 physicians and 63 spouses and guests in attendance. Thirty-two (32) outstanding papers were presented during the Scientific Sessions of the 2019 meeting.

During the Opening Ceremony four new Honorary Fellows were introduced: Drs. Andrew Graham Hill of Auckland, New Zealand; Jamal J. Hoballah of Beirut, Lebanon; Masaki Mori of Fukuoka, Japan; and Selman Uranues of Graz, Austria. All four were greeted with a warm welcome by the ASA meeting audience. More


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American Surgical Association 140th Annual Meeting
American Surgical Association 140th Annual Meeting
April 16-18, 2020
Grand Hyatt
Washington, DC


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