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ASA Statement in Support of Science and on Keeping Politics Out of Science

The foundation of the achievements of modern medicine, including surgery, has been the scientific method. Unfortunately, there is a growing pattern in US politics to discredit science. The American Surgical Association, as the leading body of surgical scientists, stands in solidarity with other scientists to condemn such attacks. Objective scientific facts should not be suppressed as a political tool. While science should be used to inform politics, we firmly believe that politics should not dictate science. How to act upon scientific facts can be a legitimate part of political debate. The existence of scientific facts should not be. We call upon our members, all surgeons, and health care workers of all political beliefs to confront anti-science attitudes and attacks that have become part of our political discourse.

ASA Statement of Solidarity

We have all been greatly distressed by the recent violence against fellow Americans of color that has brought to the forefront racism and social injustice. These events, on top of the health inequities laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic, expose our imperfect society. Although the epicenter of this societal crisis is in the U.S., it is in fact a global issue. Surgeons and the discipline of surgery, particularly academic surgery, have a tradition of leadership both within medicine and within society. These recent events have challenged us to reexamine our historically significant deficiencies in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The American Surgical Association stands in solidarity with all communities regardless of race, and our medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and members in North America and globally to condemn racism and discrimination in any form whether it be personal or systemic. It is critically important for each of us to have honest introspection and self-assessment with a commitment to resolve our own personal biases. Going forward, we in academic surgery, must continue to lead by service to our communities, patients and colleagues with ongoing self-assessment and improvement. By this action, we can be role models and provide the leadership necessary to remove structural racism and eliminate all forms of discrimination in our society.

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